What we look for

Our investment philosophy is based on a conviction: tomorrow’s most successful companies will strategically elevate the definition of value beyond financial returns to include human capital, innovation capital and societal impact.

HUMAN capital: Innovators with radical minds and hearts

We look for daring and talented entrepreneurs who are ambitious, relentlessly problem-focused, and take a lean, bottom-up approach.

INNOVATION capital: Proprietary advances and innovations

We seek out companies that have already developed proprietary technologies. Tech companies with strong IP are a particular focus, as are protected scientific advances and innovative business models. These are businesses that are already ‘live’, and have identified a market, built a core, world-class team and developed a groundbreaking product or service.  


Founders we back have a strong intention for large-scale societal impact. They're committed to social and environmental progress, and see their company as the vehicle to achieve that. 

FINANCIAL VALUE: Multi-billion dollar markets

We're sector-agnostic, but tend to focus on:

  • Overlooked markets: sectors with little incentive to innovate or update existing products to better fit their market's actual need. e.g. Food/Ag Tech, Energy, Finance, Cities

  • Underserved demographies: segments of the population that have traditionally been ignored by venture and impact investors alike. e.g. Ageing Population, Disabled Population, Immigrants

  • New markets: Sectors which did not exist just a few years ago, but have grown exponentially in recent years to become pillars of our future life. e.g. Mindfulness, Sharing Economy, Digital Currencies 

What we offer

Future Positive Capital is a collaborative partner that forges meaningful, long-term commitments with our entrepreneurs, providing flexible funds and bespoke support.


We fill the equity gap, writing our first cheques between $250,000 and $2 million, with the capacity to follow-on in subsequent financing rounds for companies that outperform.

Leadership development & personal growth

Building a startup is hard. In fact, 40% of startups fail because of human reasons: team dynamics, disharmony between co-founders, burn outs... To solve for that, we work in long-term partnership with entrepreneurs to develop their potential personally and professionally and support their wellbeing and work/life balance as well as their business leadership. 

Needs-led customized support, powered by our global community

We built a global 150-person-strong community of functional experts, industry experts, corporate leaders, and entrepreneurs for our entrepreneurs to leverage at every turn.

A commitment to the triple bottom line

Just like our founders, we're committed to societal progress. We work with founders to identify one impact indicator and track progress against that goal.


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