We back technology businesses building a better future.

With the conviction that the world’s most important societal challenges represent enormous market opportunities, we invest in inspiring minds who apply cutting edge technology and science to build highly scalable solutions for humanity and the planet.

We accelerate their development through patient capital, our community-powered platform – which connects positive founders with 150 leaders from across disciplines and industries – and a focus on leadership and personal development.


Companies we've invested in include:

Global Community-led research-as-a-service platform.

The leading bio-refinery of insects to solve the environmental damage of our protein supply chain.

the simplest addressing system in the word for the 4 billion people who don't have an address


We re-opened our round for Future Positive because we saw that they shared our passion for creating a more accessible world. It is exciting to work with their team. They're entrepreneurs at heart who understand the challenges of a start-up and can offer the support we need.”



we support founders


A focus on personal growth and leadership development


Needs-led support fuelled by our community


A commitment to tracking impact goals 


OUR community: 
150 leaders  here for you

Our community operates at the core of Future Positive Capital. Building the most positive future we can for humanity requires a collaborative effort, which is why we've gathered an army of 150 leaders to support our entrepreneurs as they scale their company.


Tech advisors


Alexandre Cadain

A.I. XPRIZE Ambassador


Ops advisors


Omid ashtari

President, Citymapper 






Thought leaders





WHY #FuturePositive?

Ask anyone around you how they see the world in 30 years, and 9 out of 10 people will share a dystopian vision: accelerating technologies, rising inequality, environmental disaster. Then, ask them to describe the future they actually want to see happen. Everything changes as they light up and describe a more equitable, prosperous and fulfilling world.

We're at a global turning point where this future – the one we want – is possible. Demand for sustainable goods keeps rising; accelerating technologies give us the means to have impact at scale; and never have we seen a generation of entrepreneurs and innovators so committed to living by strong values.

These inventors and entrepreneurs carry the human story forward with vision and courage, each focused on building a Preferable Future: a future that straddles the possible and the improbable and is designed with profoundly human values. The Future Positive is the sum of all Preferable Futures.  


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Through our community weare|FUTUREPOSITIVE, we host regular events in London and Paris for anyone as an open invitation to create a global, leading-edge and pragmatic conversation about high-impact entrepreneurship. We call those positive|meets. 

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