An early stage firm on a mission.

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To back 20 iconoclastic early stage European companies that use advanced technologies to solve the world’s most pressing problems.


We invest in companies that use AI, robotics, synthetic biology, genetic engineering, and other deep technologies to build highly profitable businesses that solve the world’s most pressing problems.

These are businesses that are already ‘live’, have identified a market, built a core & world-class team and developed a groundbreaking product or service based on defensible technology or science.

While we focus on European based companies, we expect them to have a global mindset to seize opportunity wherever they find it.

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Who are Future Positive Makers?

Entrepreneurs with a track record of challenging the status quo and a restless, scientific mindset. They are problem-focused, tackling the seemingly intractable problems that others shy away from, taking a lean, bottom-up approach.

They reimagine and reshape the world with purpose and perspective, intention and intelligence, grit and guts.


Meet David Plans, founder of Biobeats


We proudly backed:




Who are we?

A committed and diverse team.

With track records as tech entrepreneurs, investors, corporate leaders and changemakers in Europe and the US - we aim to offer a dynamic, relevant expertise across markets, sectors and disciplines.


Here to help

People are the real capital powering Future Positive. We’ve assembled a group of 100 Catalysts – a global professional support network whose expertise spans tech, science, R&D, entrepreneurship, design, branding and a host of other disciplines.

Each distinguished and sought-after in their respective fields, they build capability and connections, and provide real know-how. Future Positive Makers can tap into the platform’s collective wisdom at any time to accelerate their company’s growth.

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Chloé Macintosh  #consumer #CEO

Chloé Macintosh

#consumer #CEO

David Edwards  #biotech #CEO

David Edwards

#biotech #CEO

Omid Ashtari  #bigdata #smartcity #COO

Omid Ashtari

#bigdata #smartcity #COO

Riccardo Sabatini  #health #biotech #CEO

Riccardo Sabatini

#health #biotech #CEO

Ana Busto  #marketing #energy #corporate

Ana Busto

#marketing #energy #corporate

Amir Sharifi  #infrastucture #cleanenergy

Amir Sharifi

#infrastucture #cleanenergy



Time to meet

FUTURE POSITIVE EVENTS is a series of regular local gatherings in Europe where founders, innovators, developers and wonderers meet to connect, inspire and collaborate.

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