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Changing the game in elderly care

OuiHelp built a technology platform to improve at-home elderly care.

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Their mission
Leverage tech & humans to empower seniors to live longer & better lives in their own homes.
Elderly care
Paris, France

Their UVP

Their platform connects patients, caregivers and families, providing all parties with full visibility on the care process and on outcomes, while delivering operational efficiency that helps caretakers focus their attention on patients.
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Grand challenge

Elderly care

of elderly individuals wish to stay at home for as long as possible
of older dependent persons in France live alone (INED)

As people live longer and healthier lives and fertility rates drop, population growth is slowing down while aging accelerates. By all accounts, the number of elderly people will double from now till 2050, from 700 million in 2020 to 1.5 billion. This brings about deep transformations in the age composition of western populations, with far-reaching consequences for our societies. Some are political, like the recent efforts by governments across Europe to change pension law. Others are focused on health. As the global population ages, the healthcare sector becomes strained, burdened by the increase in patients and the acceleration of conditions that have to be treated simultaneously.

For elderly people, remaining in their homes safely for as long as possible is the preferred way of receiving care. This, however, requires many resources and detailed coordination alongside potential safety risks like falls, cognitive decline or impairment.

The current ecosystem of actors is ripe for disruption. Surveys show that up to 77% of people have anxiety toward senior dependency with existing players. Furthermore, the home care market is fragmented, with thousands of small local players with less than 1% of market share. This leads to a range of issues, including lack of knowledge, uncertain quality, low stability, painful administration and poor communication.

Why did we invest?

3 million hours of home care

Ouihelp founders
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Victor Sebag, co-founder & CEO
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Pierre-Emmanuel Bercegeay, co-founder
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Bastien Gandouet, co-founder & CTO

We met the team at OuiHelp while doing a multi-year deep dive into elderly care and assistive technologies.

The team’s focus on leveraging technology to improve every touchpoint for all parties (patients, caregivers and family members) and provide exceptional care quality intrigued us. As we dug in, we saw a team consistently reaching milestones, with a clear strategy to build the leading elderly care company in France. 

Ouihelp developed a real-time integrated platform that provides an end-to-end solution for senior home care. In one system, they organize care schedules, connect caregivers with families, and offer a range of services to patients, from cleaning to shopping to meal preparation to showering or cognitive stimulus. They’ve also partnered with a number of other providers to integrate dozens of additional services such as enabling access to financial support, ordering medical material, booking meetings with health specialists or easily managing budgets. Their platform is a one-stop-shop for our older folks to collaborate with their close families and carers to manage their lives properly.

Customers love their ease of service, and they have reached a 4.6/5 average Google rating, which is c. 20-30% higher than competitors.

The French market represents a 10 billion euro opportunity, with 1.5 million dependent people who need an average of 6 hours per week of care. Today, 20,000 companies compete, nearly all of which have under 1% market share. In a context where the population over 75 years old will triple by 2050, OuiHelp has an opportunity to build the dominant product stack in the industry.

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