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Conceivable Life Sciences

Democratizing access to In Vitro Fertilization care

Conceivable is the first company to automate the entire IVF lab, leveraging capabilities in cell manufacturing, machine vision, and robotics.

Their mission
Making IVF available for WE, the people. Not just WEALTHY people
Health for All
New York, USA

Their UVP

Through an end-to-end automation of the IVF lab, Conceivable is poised to revolutionize the IVF model and shift it from a concierge medicine approach to a more inclusive population health strategy.
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Grand challenge

Health for All

20 million
# of people worldwide who cannot have children without IVF
of global population has access to IVF

According to the World Health Organization, approximately 1 in 6 couples worldwide (over 20 million people) are diagnosed with infertility each year and require IVF treatment to conceive.

Infertility is a condition that affects the reproductive systems of both males and females, posing significant challenges to couples attempting to conceive. It often leads to distress, stigma, and financial difficulties, with potential adverse effects on individuals' mental and psychosocial well-being. Importantly, infertility rates are similar across high- to low-income countries, highlighting that this is a global health challenge.

In many countries, fertility treatments are typically funded out of pocket, resulting in substantial financial burdens. Individuals in the poorest countries often allocate a higher percentage of their income to fertility care than those in wealthier countries. The high costs associated with these treatments frequently hinder people from accessing infertility treatments or, alternatively, push them into poverty when seeking care.

Regrettably, the current IVF technology, established in the 1970s, relies on outdated, manual lab processes that have seen very little innovation in over 40 years since the first IVF birth.

As a result, only 2% of patients worldwide have access to IVF treatment. The lack of automation and reliance on legacy processes limit capacity, increase costs, and prevent millions of people in need from receiving fertility treatments.

Why did we invest?

Reduce the price of IVF by 70%

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Joshua v2
Joshua Abram, co-founders and co-CEO
Alan v2
Alan Murray, co-founders and co-CEO
Alejandro Chavez-Badiola, co-founder & CPO

We have closely monitored the fertility landscape for years, diligently seeking the right company to address the growing concern that impacts an increasing number of couples where they live. This presents a global market opportunity estimated at $150 billion.

We feel fortunate that this pressing societal issue has attracted two outstanding founders who have successfully built exceptional companies. As we met shortly after the inception of their journey, it was clear to us that they were the team with the approach needed to make a significant impact on this issue.

Over the past two decades, Joshua Abram and Alan Murray have been founders and CEOs of multiple category leaders in diverse fields, including technology, hospitality, and life sciences, with a combined market value of $5 billion as of the end of 2021.

Since 2018, they have focused on the fertility space, creating the world's only FDA-vetted automated technology for managing frozen eggs and embryos (TMRW Life Sciences). They have also invested in several companies at the intersection of AI and automation for IVF.

In this venture, they partnered with a leading scientific expert and operator in fertility, Alejandro Chavez-Badiola. With several decades of experience as a medical director in a fertility clinic and as the co-founder of a leading AI platform for IVF, Chavez-Badiola brings invaluable expertise.

Conceivable has introduced a truly unique approach to this space, becoming the first company to automate the entire IVF lab. They cover all stages of the fertility journey, bringing together six automation instruments for sperm preparation, egg discovery, insemination, incubation, freezing, and storage.

Their offer is built on a strong range of cutting-edge technologies, specifically single-cell manipulation robotics, machine vision, microscopy, and piezo technologies. Additionally, they possess a substantial patent portfolio in the field of cell manufacturing and IVF, providing further support.

Conceivable's business model primarily involves partnering with OB/GYNs, enabling them to offer IVF services without the need to create and manage complex, multimillion-dollar IVF labs.

By mastering all necessary steps, the company has complete control over key factors, significantly improving patient outcomes while simultaneously reducing costs by 70%.

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