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Delightful ebike experiences

Cowboy produces beautifully-designed and connected electric bicycles.

They are a product-first company, with a singular focus on designing outstanding hardware and software that make the riding experience ever so smooth.

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Their mission
Empower riders through mindful movement that benefits all.
Deploying Electric Mobility
Brussels, Belgium

Their UVP

By redesigning the bike from the ground up, and developing custom components and building a data-driven customer-focused experience, Cowboy reinvented the bike ride. In a crowded market, their full-stack approach and focus on product excellence separates them from the crowd. Sign up for a test ride to get a sense for yourself.
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Grand challenge

Replacing car rides

45 %
of emissions from transport come from passenger trips, and 60% of those are under 5 miles (Our World in Data)
16-70 %
of e-bike trips replaced trips that otherwise would have been taken by car (Science Direct)
Private e-bikes have the 2nd lowest life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions of urban transport modes per km (2nd to private bikes) (ITF)

In the long list of challenges that our cities and their inhabitants face, transportation ranks near the top.

To start, transportation is one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases, contributing a total of 14–22% of global CO2 emissions; of those, cars alone account for 40% of transport CO2 emissions. Project Drawdown estimates that new bicycle infrastructure and electric bike usage together have the potential of reducing 3.9–10.7 GtCO2 between now and 2050. While that’s a far cry from the total number of emissions that need to be curbed or sequestered to reach our climate goals, cycling remains a powerful and accessible lever in our “carbon solutions system” that could ultimately account for 10–20% of all alternative transportation reductions.

Beyond carbon emissions, the continued dominance of petrol and diesel cars presents other serious public health concerns. These include air pollution (now the fourth-largest killer in the world) and noise pollution (40% of the EU population is exposed to higher levels of road traffic noise than recommended), which lead to serious mental health challenges.

Why did we invest?

A new mobility experience

Cowboy founders
Cowboy founder 1
Adrien Roose, CEO
Cowboy founder 2
Karim Slaoui, CTO
Cowboy founder 3
Tanguy Goretti, CPO

Cowboy bikes are known for their glowing reviews and high NPS scores. This results from the team’s DNA.

Since day 1, the founders — Adrien Roose, Karim Slaoui and Tanguy Goretti — have focused on building a product that defies all expectations. Product excellence is the highest-order filter for each important decision, and the core driver of every single team — software, hardware, design, manufacturing, marketing — who all work in tandem to create the best experience possible.

Their obsession with product has created a bike like no other, paired with a service layer that meaningfully expands an already outstanding cycling experience. It’s only by signing up for a test ride that you’ll fully feel the difference.

Finally, Cowboy places customer service at the core of their product offering. With the push of a button, the Cowboy customer service team is available for any inquiries that may come up along your journey, accumulating 5-star reviews across the board. And the team is continuously pushing new user-forward services, such as test rides, EasyRider insurance, and easy-to-book at-home repairs.

The result is a world-class product and a community of superfans: passionate and delighted cyclers across varied demographic groups who aggregate around several of Manfred Max-Neef’s fundamental human needs — participation, recreation, creation, identity, freedom — and have become natural brand ambassadors. The greatest indicator? Today, recommendations and referrals make up a significant portion of new customers.

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