Michael Rosen, General Partner


A seasoned investor with broad sectorial experience.

I started out my career as an analyst at a major investment bank, as an intern in 2000 and then joining their analyst program in 2002. From there, in 2005, I moved as an early team member to a now major private equity firm called Pamplona Capital Management, which when I joined was just starting to invest its first fund.

I spent thirteen years at Pamplona, becoming a partner in 2014 and investing across a large number of sectors and geographies. Over the thirteen years that I was at Pamplona I benefited from evaluating and meeting with the management teams of a large number of businesses across many sectors. I was for example part of the team that acquired a brake pad manufacturer out of insolvency (which was subsequently sold to a strategic investor), combined North American and European businesses to create a global truck and trailer supplier that was later floated in Frankfurt, and invested in an insurance telematics business that applies machine learning to large volumes of data to analyse driver behaviour and risk for insurance companies.

During this time I was noticing more and more the significant disruption that the sectors I was increasingly familiar with were experiencing as a result of rapid technological change. This lead me to start to invest personally in a large number of early stage businesses. As an early stage investor I have invested in businesses that include Chirp (data over sound), Den (next generation light switches and plug sockets), Olio (food sharing and waste prevention), Skin Analytics (artificial intelligence to detect skin cancer), what3words (geolocation standard for the digital age), JustPark (parking platform), and Cytera CellWorks (automation of cell culturing).

I’m proud of the growth of these and other companies that I have invested in and helped. There have also been quite a few failures, which have been just as important in shaping and developing the way I view the world and future investment opportunities today.

As I continued to think about the way the world was changing and at the same time invested in a number of businesses that sought to deliver profit and purpose, indeed profit because of purpose, I was attracted by the idea of being part of a new type of venture capital firm, one that reflected the shifting nature of the world.

In 2017 one of the founders of Cytera CellWorks suggested that I meet with Sofia and Alex, and so Alex and I got a mini-burger at a hotel on Park Lane. It wasn’t very “save the world”. What united us though was, amongst other things, our ambitions for the future, and this is what ultimately caused Sofia, Alex and I to come together with our different backgrounds, skills and experiences to create a new type of venture firm.