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Our companies push the boundaries of innovation to deliver impact at scale.


Ynsect is the first biorefinery of insects in the world. Through a blend of robotics, sensors and software, they use insects to bioconvert organic substrates (such as cereal byproducts) into sustainable nutrient resources for agro-industries as well as bioactive compounds for green chemistry. The first market they are tackling is our unsustainable protein supply chain. 

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Streetbees is a community-driven research-as-a-service platform that provides street-level and real-time high quality primary research in 150+ countries. Streetbees. More a market intelligence platform, Streetbees is creating a layer of data that has never been collected to date, while empowering millions of "Bees" to make additional revenue from their data.

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what3words is the simplest addressing system in the world. They have divided the world into a grid of 3x3m squares and assigned each one a unique 3-word address. It means anyone – including the 4 billion people globally who don't have an address – can accurately find any location and share it quickly and easily and with less ambiguity than any other system.

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HomeTree is an innovative and hassle free way for homeowners to get energy-saving products installed into their home. Through its SAAS-enabled marketplace, HomeTree makes it easy for anyone to navigate the hyper-fragmented and opaque market of sustainable home improvements to empower consumers to live more independently and in a more financially and environmentally sustainable way.

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Menu Next Door is a community-driven hyper-local marketplace for anyone to access local and diverse food, no matter where they live. 

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 Uncharted Play makes energy-generating play products that power and empower communities. They've distributed over 50,000 copies of their first product Soccket, a soccer ball that generates electricity when played with.

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